BirdieChirp is leading the way in capturing the most prestigious golf courses in stunning detail while providing professional narrated descriptions of each golf hole. BirdieChirp’s premium golf video tours vividly bring courses to life offering spectacular birds-eye views of the fairways & greens coupled with valuable tips & considerations to help golfers confidently approach each hole.

This invaluable tee-to-green visual aid is free on your mobile device at tee-it.com with nothing to download or install. Now there’s a clear view all the way to the cup, making it easier for players to make educated decisions and more effectively navigate the course. See golf courses in a whole new dimension and join the other players enjoying the benefits of our completely complimentary golf aid — See It Before You Tee It™ at Tee-It.com.


Golfers can quickly watch tee-to-green drone videos of each hole featuring your company’s banner ad on their mobile device throughout their golf round. Website banners are “sticky” and always present as they cycle through each collection of ads. Advertisers can purchase one or more ads to be represented once a cycle or more often if desired. Advertisers can also choose to place the same or different ads at multiple participating locations.

Traffic is driven to Tee-It.com through a series of multimedia promotions offered on our SkyWav Network of on-prem golf club TV’s. SkyWav uses a combination of geo-fencing, promotional videos, slideshow static images and informational tickers to constantly promote our, See It Before You Tee It program and related golf course tour drone flyover videos available at Tee-It.com. Players share their favorite golf holes via social links helping perpetuate banner views and click-through rates.

Since all of the videos reside on a mobile-friendly website, there is no app or software to download and golfers can check out the course they are playing on their desktop in advance or view the drone flyover videos hole-by-hole as they play their round. Banner ads have a limited number available per golf course and no competing businesses are permitted. Target the affluent golfer demographic and try this inexpensive advertising option today by contacting us at 800-218-1205.


  • Mobile-Friendly: No App Necessary
  • Complimentary: Drone Flyover Video Golf Aid (No App Necessary)
  • Always Live: Banner Ads Loop 24/7
  • New & Repeat Traffic: Average of 50K Rounds Annually Per Club
  • New & Repeat Traffic: Average of 50K Rounds Annually Per Club


  • Branding: Long-Term Exposure
  • Repetition: Builds Familiarity
  • Absorption Marketing: Top-of-Mind Awareness
  • Proliferation: Users Share Flyover Links Featuring Banner Ads
  • Reasonable Cost: Low-Cost Suits Most Advertising Budgets

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