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Birdie Chirp™ is a digital media network, developed & managed by Birdie Media, that allows advertisers to connect directly with golf club guests in a meaningful way while they are on-site. Communicate with the affluent golf demographic using our informative and engaging on-prem closed-circuit golf course program via videos, mobile geo-fencing and static graphics. Your ads will be featured concurrently with the regular daily broadcast of weather forecasts, headline news, stock updates and drone flyover golf course videos. These useful screen apps are proven to attract attention and captivate each audience using a combination of relevant messaging and pertinent information.

Your commercials run throughout the day at one or more prestigious golf clubs. The eye-catching on-prem displays are located in high-traffic areas that targets all guests & visitors – not just golfers. You provide Birdie Media with your :30 commercial or if needed, our talented art department can tailor content to directly align with the communication needs of your business. Call 800-218-1205 today to learn more by scheduling a free consultation to further explain the advantages & benefits of this powerful multimedia system.


  • 360 Minutes Airtime Daily
  • 720 Commercials Per Month (24 per day)
  • 65” TV – High Traffic Area
  • Change Commercial – 24 Hour Notice


  • Branding Exposure
  • Affiliation with Golf Club
  • Top of Mind Awareness
  • Target the Affluent Golfer Demographic

To learn more, call 800-218-1205 or fill out the contact form.


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