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Birdie Media has developed a smart advertising program that is being implemented in retail locations, event venues, hotels, restaurants, golf clubs, point-of-purchase locations and a number of other places enabling new interaction with patrons, members and guests. Birdie Media’s Chirp™ technology is an innovative method of delivering mobile messages, special offers, video and other content to Android and iOS 7+ smart devices — specifically smartphones.

Imagine having the ability to transmit special offers or immediately relevant information to golfers and guests visiting your club. The “always-on” Chirp™ technology makes this possible and Birdie Media takes care of the details. Chirp™ transmitters are small and discreet and are strategically placed in key locations. Each transmitter has been encoded to alert a smartphone when it comes into range and sends a message to that device. The message depends entirely on business and their promotional needs. The offers are
programmed, coded and assigned to each transmitter which send out a constant signal to any smart
device that is Bluetooth enabled within a 300’ proximity. Chirp™ is designed to increase customer engagement yielding additional sales, awareness and loyalty and Birdie Media offers plans to suit every marketing budget.

Fill out the form below or call 800.218.1205 to speak with a marketing representative who will explain how Chirp™ can help increase revenue and improve your guest experience.


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