Golf Course Advertising

Why golf? Golf tends to attract affluent players. Decision makers. People and businesses who can afford the finer things in life. Birdie Media has developed a powerful and effective advertising program to target those demographics using an unprecedented delivery system capable of delivering 4 hours of quiet focused messaging to each golfer. Thirty-six (36) seconds – that’s the average pace of play per golfer, per stroke. In a four hour round of golf, a large percentage of the time is NOT spent on golfing at all. This time is spent interacting with friends, evaluating the ever-changing terrain and absorbing the quietness of the beautiful outdoors.

Golf offers a relaxed and focused atmosphere – a serene picturesque environment perfect for targeting customers for precise focused messaging. Golf clubs offer their guests the opportunity to play on the finest playing surfaces, experience incredible guest service, enjoy unmatched amenities and take pleasure in exquisite dining. We offer advertisers the opportunity to deliver their message to this highly sought after demographic at various public and semi-private golf clubs throughout the U.S. & Canada.

Every month, there are a handful of large corporate and charity golf events involving hundreds of volunteers & participants. These events attract tournament sponsors spending thousands to promote their businesses even though their signage is only visible for a single event. Birdie Media offers a variety of golf course advertising plans with both short and long term commitments to accommodate almost every budget. Birdie’s effective golf course advertising programs targets thousands of everyday golfers, provide additional visibility during monthly tournaments and deliver repeated messaging exposure generating long-term cognitive recognition. Take a look at our five (5) most popular advertising programs below or contact Birdie Media today to discuss availability, pricing, commitment and program details — 1.800.218.1205 or

Birdie Chirp™ // Digital Media Network

Birdie Chirp™ is a digital media network, developed & managed by Birdie Media, that allows golf clubs to connect directly with their customers in a meaningful way while they are on-site. Communicate to guests using our informative & engaging digital content via videos, mobile geo-fencing, static & animated promotions, weather forecasts, headline news, stock updates and high quality digital signage. Make real-time edits & updates to keep guests informed and interested.

Our team is committed to developing premium display graphics, attention-grabbing relevant content and quick modifications and updates. Birdie Media tailors content to directly align with the communication needs of your business. We program and schedule videos, graphics, weather, ads, menus and other information to play in the timeslots that best fit your business needs. Call today to learn more about this program by scheduling a free consultation to further explain the advantages and benefits of this powerful multimedia management system.

Deliver consistent branding, messaging, and other programmable content across one or more on-premise televisions strengthening the golf clubs’ identity, services and offerings. This closed-captioned network also allows golf clubs to communicate and update employees with relevant information as well as highlight other properties throughout the U.S. Promote offers that are pertinent to members and guests featuring upcoming events, tournaments, weddings & receptions, restaurant menu boards, holiday & special events and showcase the beauty of the golf course with Birdie Media’s tee-to-green drone flyover videos. The service costs can be offset or eliminated in many cases using Birdie Media’s program. For more details about location specific multimedia software management: 1-800-218-1205.

Birdie Beacons

Birdie Media has developed a smart advertising program that is being implemented in retail locations, event venues, hotels, restaurants, golf clubs, point-of-purchase locations and a number of other places enabling new interaction with patrons, members and guests. Birdie Media’s Chirp™ technology is an innovative method of delivering mobile messages, special offers, video and other content to Android and iOS 7+ smart devices — specifically smartphones.

Imagine having the ability to transmit special offers or immediately relevant information to golfers and guests visiting your club. The “always-on” Chirp™ technology makes this possible and Birdie Media takes care of the details. Chirp™ transmitters are small and discreet and are strategically placed in key locations. Each transmitter has been encoded to alert a smartphone when it comes into range and sends a message to that device. The message depends entirely on business and their promotional needs. The offers are programmed, coded and assigned to each transmitter which send out a constant signal to any smart device that is Bluetooth enabled within a 300’ proximity. Chirp™ is designed to increase customer engagement yielding additional sales, awareness and loyalty and Birdie Media offers plans to suit every marketing budget. Contact Birdie Media today for more program details: 1-800-218-1205.

Portable NFC Kiosks

Most newer mobile devices feature NFC technology which allows users to quickly gain access to pre-programmed URL’s, videos, email, maps and much more by touching your device to an NFC button. Unlike apps or QR tags, there are no downloads necessary to read an NFC tag. Birdie Media designs and develops portable kiosks with one or more embedded NFC tags that will display information when a user comes in close proximity.

These small unobtrusive kiosks can be placed in entrances, lobbies, pro shops, restaurants and other traffic locations where golfers and guests pass by. The kiosks are designed to change offers and information as often as the advertiser would like by swapping the former display panel with a new one. In addition, NFC tags can be used independently from the kiosks and placed just about anywhere you believe a guest might interact with them whether it be restaurant table top displays, counter decals, golf cart keyfobs, windshield or dashboard stickers and much more.

Near field commmunications may sound complicated if you are unfamiliar with the technology but Birdie Media makes it simple for users to connect to the pre-programmed offers and messages by simply tapping their phone to each NFC tag. Contact Birdie Media to find out more about NFC Kiosks and how they can be used to advertise your brand at various golf clubs: 1-800-218-1205.

Birdie Caddie Cuffs

Feature your brand where it is practically impossible to miss – on the golf carts’ steering column. Our innovative golf cart ads travel with the golfer to every hole and convey their message throughout the entire event for 4+ hours! Caddie Cuffs™ offer an effective advertising opportunity due to their attractive quality, glaring location and powerful impact. This attention-grabbing advertising program precisely targets key demographics using an attractive delivery system that will not disrupt the peaceful surroundings.

The patented Caddie Cuff™ ads offer a unique method to place your idea in front of your target audience for 4 hours at a time! Golf offers a relaxed and focused atmosphere – a serene picturesque environment perfect for targeting people for precise focused messaging. Our dye-sublimation printing process allows you to utilize the most eye-catching photographic artwork available visible from all angles. Caddie Cuffs™ – Conspicuous and Unforgettable. Contact Birdie Media for more details about implementing Caddie Cuffs for advertising your brand on various golf courses: 1-800-218-1205.

Birdie Banners

Birdie Media offers unique golf cart banners that sponsors love and are willing to pay for! No other product on the market gives your sponsor greater visibility or ROI for the duration of your golf event. Generate maximum sponsor impressions using our patent pending Birdie Banners™.

Visible to all players these colorful banners travel with the golfer to every hole and convey their message throughout the entire event for 4+ hours! Constructed of high-quality, 3mm neoprene that stretches to snugly fit a golf cart’s support frame with absolutely no hardware necessary for attachment. For more details about utilizing Birdie Banners for golf course advertising, contact us today: 1-800-218-1205.

Golf Club Flags

Feature your brand on extra large feather flags staked evenly across the driving range at a selected participating golf club. Half of the purchased flags are branded with various golf club offers with the top 25% dedicated to your business logo and contact information. The remaining flags are reversed offering the advertiser 75% to showcase a program of their choice with top the 25% dedicated to the golf club logo. These co-branded prodigious outdoor flags are eye-catching, inexpensive and provide plenty of real-estate for communicating to golfers and guests.

Golfers frequent the driving range throughout the day whether they are playing a round of golf, practicing their swing or taking lessons from the club’s pro. Your brand messaging will surely be seen by everyone within a hundred yards from the range. There are a handful of large corporate and charity golf events that are played on our courses per month. When these events take place, 100’s of participants and volunteers flood the courses and tournament sponsors pay tens of thousands of dollars for their brand to be noticed at these events. There is no doubt that your messaging featured on these extra large flags will make a statement to all the people participating in these golf events! To inquire about using range flags for golf course advertising, contact Birdie Media for program details: 1-800-218-1205.

Driving Range Dividers

Birdie Media’s double-sided premium driving range signs are simple to set up and provide a great way to divide each practice station while promoting a sponsor’s message. The rigid range signs are 1/8 (3mm) Dibond® and constructed with two (2) thin aluminum sheets sandwiching a black solid plastic core. Dibond® is both rustproof and waterproof making it an excellent choice for outdoor use around the golf course. Ads can be consistent across the range or vary from one station to the next. The double-sided imprint keeps the sponsor visible to golfers approaching or leaving the driving range. For more information on golf range advertising and participating locations, contact Birdie Media at: 1-800-218-1205.

Beverage Cart Decals

Sponsoring a golf club’s beverage cart puts your brand in front of different golfers every day with repetitious exposure to your message. Birdie Media’s vinyl decals are ideal for both windshield and beverage cooler box locations and provide a more finished appearance than other types of cart signage. Golf cart decals are easily removed and can be custom printed to fit each beverage cart’s exact dimensions.

Advertising on the beverage cart is a sure way to get repeated exposure from golfers as it cycles around the various holes. Birdie Media’s beverage cart sponsor decals make a better choice than printed corrugated plastic signs or vinyl banners since they don’t need straps or hardware to attach and aren’t susceptible to wind resistance. Contact Birdie Media today for more details on how to advertise at various golf courses using beverage cart decals: 1-800-218-1205.


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Birdie Media is the premier organization that allows advertisers to make the connection between product and consumer. Every day, savvy advertisers have the opportunity to bring advertising campaigns to consumers in a powerful, direct and effective way. And there is no more powerful, direct and effective way than our Birdie Monthly Advertising Program. No other program can offer their audience a premium 4-hour window of immersive advertising!

Your marketing team can provide us with your advertisement artwork or you may utilize Birdie Media’s graphic design services. We offer 2, 3 and 4 month advertising programs for each of our four exclusive golf course advertising products. Today there are more choices than ever to advertise your brand. Where you spend your dollars can have a huge impact on your company and it will play a large role in you emerging as an industry leader. If already a leader, it will help solidify your position to ensure that you stay ahead of the competition.

Birdie Media brings you a new way to deliver your message to your targeted demographic when they are relaxed and ready to receive your message.



  • Over 31 million golfers in the USA alone
  • 23 million are male – 77%
  • 6.5 million are female – 23%
  • 68% married
  • Average age – 46
  • Average household Income – $95k
  • 26% household income exceeding $125k
  • Average net worth – $786k
  • 77% attended and/or graduated college
  • 50% employed in a white collar occupation
  • 83% own mutual funds/stocks
  • 86% have life insurance
  • 68% own their primary residence
  • 18% own two or more homes
  • 60% purchased vehicle within the previous year
  • 83% planning vacation travel during the next year
  • 86% play at public courses
  • 65% play golf 20+ times annually
  • 45% attend spectator sporting events
  • 77% consumed alcohol in last 30 days
  • 48% stay active and have a gym membership
  • $17B spent annually on equipment/participation


  • Golf Equipment 53% 53%
  • Automobile Purchase/Lease 47% 47%
  • Financial Planning 40% 40%
  • Banking 59% 59%
  • Computer Hardware/Software 46% 46%
  • Continuing Education/Training 46% 46%
  • Travel and/or Vacation 83% 83%
  • Furniture and/or Home Furnishings 33% 33%
  • New and/or Additional Telephone 35% 35%
  • Legal/Consulting Services 37% 37%
  • Health/Auto/Life Insurance 45% 45%
  • Office Equipment 48% 48%
  • Jewelry and/or Watches 28% 28%
  • Health Club or Gym Membership 32% 32%


  • Took a domestic flight or business trip 80% 80%
  • Went on vacation at least once 83% 83%
  • Plan to play golf while on vacation 80% 80%
  • Plan their vacations around golf courses or resorts 40% 40%
  • Rented a car 63% 63%


  • Spent $30,000+ on their last vehicle purchase 56% 56%
  • Spent $40,000+ on their last vehicle purchase 28% 28%
  • Own/lease 3 or more vehicles 32% 32%
  • Will purchase a new vehicle in the next 12 months 47% 47%


  • Dine out once or more per week 73% 73%
  • Eat at fine dining restaurants 57% 57%
  • Spend $3,000 or more annually dining out 32% 32%
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